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About the project

Cosmos SDK - Modular framework for blockchain development, with the ability to exchange tokens on the network Cosmos Network.

Tendermint - A consensus algorithm belonging to the BFT family of algorithms, resistant to Byzantine falls.

DPoS – Delegated Proof of Stake Agreed Algorithm.


Decentralization as a process of distribution of power, finance or effort without the intervention of a global governing body.

Scalability, the ability of the blockchain to cope with the influx of a large number of transactions at one time, more than 1000 tx / sec

Smart contractsas a means of making and (or) executing a transaction using the Cosmos SDK.

Democracy as the fundamental principle of honesty and openness embedded in the development policy of the blockchain through voting.

High level of security

Ease and accessibility to use

Open source on GitHub


Economic model of the PLAN blockchain is such that each coin user has the right to receive a reward in the form of additional coins.

Validator Is a node (node) that participates in maintaining the network and creating blocks. With an honest robot, such a node receives part of the reward from the commissions that were collected from those transactions that were included in block composition.

Delegator - this is a network participant who delegates his coins to the validator (but does not transfer the right to their ownership) thereby voting and adding his coins to the validator's stack, sharing with him the reward for creating a block.

PosMining - the most interesting part of the PLAN blockchain participant award.

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The number of PLAN coins in the wallet

Number of PLAN coins in the structure

Percentage per day

0.00 %

Coins per day

0.00 PLAN

Monthly interest

0.00 %

Coins per month

0.00 PLAN

* these calculations excluding reinvestment

POS Mining factors

Coins in your personal wallet
Number of coins in the wallet Growth in the number of coins per day,%
0,01 – 99 0,08
100 – 999 0,11
1.000 – 9.999 0,12
10.000 – 99.999 0,14
100.000+ 0,16
Coins in followers' wallets
Number of followers' coins Increasing coefficient
0 – 9.999 1,00
10.000 – 99.999 1,90
100.000 – 999.999 2,20
1.000.000 – 9.999.999 2,40
10.000.000+ 2,60
Days since last transaction
days additional factor
0 1,00
30 1,60
90 1,80
180 2,00
270+ 2,20


Blockchain PLAN - a very large team is working on the creation and development of which, where each member of the community contributes to the creation of a modern powerful and safe ecosystem, the development prospects of which are simple limitless.

In order to appreciate all the power and all unlimited prospects and possibilities, check out c cosmosNetwork CosmosHub

Objectives which the team sets for itself is the creation of an independent, honest, democratic and decentralized tool, using which, each person can implement their ideas, programs and projects.

Ideological inspirer and initiator of creation Blockchain Plan:

- Yuri Arturovich Nazarov

The team involved in the development and implementation of the project:

Mao Life Mao Life is a community of blockchain operators, to help you take advantage of new technologies simply, quickly and safely.